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Random Facts About Me...Debra Ann Miller!

My Oldest Boys 
Hi! My name is Debra Ann, a name which I spent my entire life hating but ironically chose to use when publishing.
I have a 25 year old son! How could that be? I often ask myself, because I still feel like I'm 30!
Proud Mom of 3 wonderful sons: Anthony (25), Don (16) & Ryan(8)
Married to my best friend, a 5th grade teacher, Mr. Miller Rocks!
I love nature but am terrified of insects.
I secretly binge on junk-food when I write but harp on my children to "make smart choices" with food. Shhhhhh!
My Hubby & Little Guy

I tend to be very self conscious but have mastered the art of appearing confident. A skill that has worked well for me.
I fear failure but take risks which is a contradiction I suppose but is true!
My dream is to own a beach house so I could spend my days lounging on a chase with a tropical drink in one hand and my writing pen in the other just  listening to the sounds of the waves crashing against the sand as the tide rolls in. That's my paradise!
I would love to travel the world but I am afraid to fly!
I seek refuge in a bottle of wine.
My favorite fruit is strawberries.
I am ticklish EVERYWHERE which my children find funny.

Mom & Dad
My parents are my support group, my mentors and my inspiration.
My sisters are my first and best friends always :)
Married 50 years and still happy they have taught me how to love with my whole heart. I was born to be there daughter and blessed to have them as my parents. Shout out to the man upstairs...good call on the P's!
High heels always make me feel sexy!
I'm young at heart. I wear t-shirts that teens wear and I sing louder than I should to bubble gum artists, Will.I.Am is my favorite, while in the car. I guess I like to "scream & shout and let it all out" while driving.
I'm terrified of dentists but doctors are not a problem.
I hate shopping for anything.
I order my steak bloody rare...moo! I know I know...
I love animals especially the cute one pictured below...Maggie May Miller!
I have a tattoo and belly ring that I hid from my parents for 10 years and counting...
I am happily married and this is my life!      
My Sisters!
Maggie May Miller

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